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What People Are Saying

There is good customer service and then there's exceptional customer service. And as someone who runs a small business in the service industry, I greatly appreciate the latter.

My iWatch band I wear every day is from a company called The Ultimate Cuff and it was literally the reason I bought the Apple watch at all. I hated every band I searched for...until I saw their product and then I was able to buy the watch, knowing I would love wearing it because it elevated the look of the watch SO much! I wear it almost daily, even if I'm not leaving the house somedays. I love that the cuff makes the watch look like jewelry.

Because I wear so often and everywhere (beach, ocean, pool, etc) the toggle and chain are really starting to wear so I emailed the company to see if I could just buy a replacement chain and toggle. They replied immediately with a prepaid mailing label for me to return the cuff and they are replacing the ENTIRE cuff. For free. FREE! I outright told them I didn't need a new cuff and they are sending me one anyone.

THAT is a company that believes in and stands behind their product. And I'm proud to support a company like that.

Jennifer Beitchman