Cuff Care and FAQs

Cuff Care:

Just like any other piece of fine jewelry that you wear regularly, care is always required.  Make sure to treat your cuff like all of your other special jewelry items.  As you know, even the most sturdy precious metals can bump or rub against other items and create wear.  Anne and Kayla recommend gentle handling when putting the watch into the piece and opening and closing the cuff around your wrist. 

Our Suggestions:

  • Refrain from wearing jewelry during heavy tasks.  Even the cuff can chip in the right situation.
  • Avoid putting the cuff in contact with water, perfumes, and lotions. Use your judgement here :)
  • Our cuffs are plated and this metal may darken or tarnish with normal wear.  If you have any questions about cleaning your jewelry, ask us. 
What is your return/exchange policy?
The Ultimate Cuff can be returned within 15 days of purchase, no questions asked, with the original packaging and customer order number. Simply click the returns/exchanges tab at the bottom of our home page and enter your customer email and order number to return your product.
Similarly, cuffs can be exchanged within 30 days, no questions asked, with the original packaging and customer order number. Follow the same instructions for the return process above. 

How to remove your Apple Watch from a cuff:
To remove the watch from your cuff, flip the cuff over so you can see the bottom of the watch with the dial and button facing to the right. Then hold the side bar of the cuff with your left hand and using your right thumbnail push down the top release button on the bottom of the watch. Then just wiggle it slightly to the right, just enough to release the watch. Then flip the cuff around and do the same thing to the other side. Once both sides are released it should slide out.

Over time the cuff will loosen up and it will become easier to get the watch in and out of the cuff.  Watch this quick video to learn more:
Can't find the answer to your question? Please use the contact tab and send us an email and we will respond ASAP!