About Us

The Ultimate Cuff team - Apple watch cuff designers

Anne Zacharias, a busy mom, CEO and entrepreneur of several startups, immediately fell in love with her Apple Watch. It was the perfect accessory to manage her busy schedule and allowed her to stay connected when times didn't allow her to have her phone right by her side.

However, there was one problem: she found herself all too often leaving her watch on her dresser at home when planning to attend important meetings or work functions, a night out, a wedding, or any other event where the Apple Watch strap just didn't fit in with her style. She'd miss important calls and notifications she could have otherwise seen had she been wearing her watch if only it had matched the occasion a bit more.

It was then Anne realized she wasn't alone in her need for a stylish solution when she met Kayla, one of the original designers who has since moved onto pursue her passion, back in 2007. Together they put their heart and soul into creating The Ultimate Cuff in order to follow their belief that style shouldn't have to be sacrificed.

The company is also joined by their Art Director, Tiffany Castillo, who brings over a decade of expertise in all facets of design. If you have any ideas for collaborations (bloggers, stylists, photographers, brands, etc.) or would like to contribute to our blog, please email her at

The team is excited to bring new designs to the market and will continually push the envelope for all the Apple Watch fans who love their watch, yet hate their bands.

Customer service is paramount so if there's anything you need from us or would like to simply say hello or provide feedback, please drop us a line at — We'd love to hear from you! Thank you for being on this journey with us and make sure to follow along on Instagram.

We promise to make these "The only cuff you'll actually want to wear." #theultimatecuff

Xo, The Ultimate Cuff