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 The Ultimate Cuff Apple Watch Jewelry Band Founder Anne Zacharias

When founder and CEO Anne Zacharias first bought her Apple Watch® in 2015, she was thrilled to be able to have instant access to the ultimate piece of technology right on her wrist. She often found herself leaving her watch on the dresser more than actually wearing it as it just didn’t fit in with her personal style or dressier occasions.

Zacharias quickly saw a void in the market for stylish options and realized the only way to get what she wanted was to create it herself and so The Ultimate Cuff was born.

Anne, together with Creative Director Tiffany Castillo, have several exciting plans to expand the assortment of the line. Originally concepted for the Apple Watch, they have since added FitBit to their line of jewelry cuffs.

There’s no doubt that this duo of entreprenuer, tech savy on-the-go moms will make a difference in the tech fashion market as they encourage women to not settle for the basic, boring watch band.

Stay tuned for many exciting things to come. We'd love to hear from you so please feel free to drop us a line at


Anne & Tiffany

 The Ultimate Cuff Creative Director Tiffany Castillo