What to Wear to a Wedding

April 27, 2019 4 min read

What to Wear to a Wedding

We’re creeping up on wedding season, and you know what that means: it’s time to start scoping out your options. Not for a husband, mind you, but for the perfect outfits. Now that we’ve got your attention, the important thing to know up front is that there are rules for what to wear to a wedding, and what you wear to your cousin’s daytime wedding will be different than what you wear to your bestie’s evening affair. And let’s not forget that what you wear is going to be immortalized in photos and videos, so of course you want to look your most spectacular.

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Here are some wedding etiquette tips when it comes to choosing your perfect outfit.

White Tie Wedding

Let’s get the most intimidating type of wedding out of the way first. Seeing the words “white tie attire” can strike fear in the hearts of many, but trust us on this—it’s not all that bad. First, leave that frilly gossamer number in the closet. It’s time to ramp up the drama. Sequins, full-length skirts, and designer dresses are perfect. You’re going to dress to impress, and while the bride is the center of attention, all eyes will be on who’s wearing what. Now for your Apple Watch. For a white tie event, we’d recommend Mia, which is ridiculously elegant and will allow your other jewels to steal the show.

Black Tie Wedding

Black tie events are no less fancy, but have a different set of rules. You’re definitely still in formal territory, but with abit more leeway for fun. Full-length gowns are still appropriate, but you can also take that gorgeous cocktail dress for a spin. You want to look chic and wear looks that are appropriate for evening, so darker colors and jewel tones are perfect (just…don’t go for black—that’s a huge wedding no-no). Again, Mia is an excellent bet for a black tie wedding. You can accessorize with some killer cuffs and bangles to match!

Formal or Black Tie Optional

There can be so much gray area when it comes to formal or black tie optional weddings. Are you going to be too dressy? Or not enough? Don’t fret it. First, keep in mind that the gents can wear a tux or a more formal dark suit. The same rules apply to you. You can still opt for the formal full-length gown or cocktail dress…but this type of event also calls for dressier suits for the ladies. And keep in mind where you live, which can vary from region to region. When in doubt, ask the bride or groom what they prefer! Try our Honey, a stunning Apple Watch cuff with honeycomb details that contrast beautifully with a high-shine polish!

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail attire is one step less formal than formal wear, and we think a bit more fun. Shorter lengths for dresses and skirts are perfect, but you won’t lose points for wearing something longer. Add a bit of flash, go for silky sheer materials, and don’t be afraid to go for some color! You can waltz in a tad more on the daring side with cocktail attire, so we say go bold or go home.  Addison is the perfect choice—it combines modern elegance with a classic geometric design.

Formal Beachy Attire

So your loved one is having a destination wedding. Awesome. In addition to packing the hottest swimsuits and sunblock (of course!), you’re going to want to put some thought into your wedding wardrobe. First off, just because the wedding is set on or near the beach doesn’t mean you’re going to get away with rocking a sarong at the ceremony. The key here is to go for the same types of clothes you’d wear at a formal event, but shake up the colors. Go for lighter colors like coral, turquoise, natural linen, and the like. Leave the heels at home or you’re going to do a face plant in the sand. Flat sandals are perfect for a beachy wedding.  Catalina is absolutely flawless for a destination wedding, and is one of our most unique watch bands!

Dressy Casual

Dressy casual attire at a wedding is a blessing and a curse. Many people see “casual” and instantly go for a polo and nicer jeans (just…no). You’re going to go for a dressy look, but without the same rules as you would with formal clothing. You can still go for a cocktail dress, but check around to make sure you’re going to be on par with the rest of the guests. Dressier skirts and dresses are great—the trick is to wear something just a few notches above what you’d wear to work or a day out with friends.  Luna is a gorgeous bit of Apple Watch jewelry to wear with a dressy casual ensemble.

A Few Thoughts

Not to make things even more complicated, but there are a few more things to keep in mind. Consider the time of day for the wedding. You’re going to wear dressier, darker-colored clothes for a nighttime wedding than you would for a daytime wedding unless the daytime wedding is white tie. And, of course, the time of year. You’re probably not going to be on par with everyone else if you’re wearing a ruby-colored sequin cocktail dress to a formal summer beach wedding (save that for a winter wedding!).

If you’re still unsure, do a search for the best wedding fashion + the season + the year. You’ll get some excellent ideas and will not have to worry too much about standing out for all the wrong reasons!

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