Getting to know our Brand Ambassadors-- shining a light on Susie Meister

March 21, 2018 3 min read

Getting to know our Brand Ambassadors-- shining a light on Susie Meister

At The Ultimate Cuff, we are obsessed with our Brand Ambassadors. They are so full of life. They are so fierce and they are styled from head to toe. We are taking some time to get to know them outsides of their gorgeous photos. This time on the blog, we interviewed Reality TV Star, Susie Meister. Susie is one of our faves and she is so impressive. Take a read to get to know her a bit better!

The Ultimate Cuff: Who are you? What do you do for a living?

Susie Meister: "I am the founder of WAVE Podcast Network, Host of the Brain Candy Podcast, PhD in Religion, and former MTV reality personality. I know, it's a weird job history."


UC: What are you passionate about?

SM:"I'm passionate about learning. I have a doctorate in religious studies, but I am obsessed with learning about all kinds of topics. And my podcast allows me to talk about all the things that get my motor running for a living. I feel so lucky."


UC: What are your goals-- both professionally and personally?

SM: "Professionally, reality tv people have this crazy notion that they should be paid for being themselves, but so far, I've been lucky enough to do that. I hope to work in television again someday using my academic credentials as well as my affinity for pop culture. Personally, I just want to keep hanging out with my husband and my 5-year-old. They're my favorite people, so the more time I get with them, the happier I'll be."


UC: How do you stay motivated?

SM: "I'm super goal oriented, so I create short and long-term goals and track my progress. It's a little much, but it keeps me on track and organized."


UC: How did you find out about The Ultimate Cuff?

SM: "I, like most people, wanted to have a watch that looked sharp, and I stumbled across The Ultimate Cuff. I'm a Pittsburgh girl (even though I live in LA now), and I saw this awesome company founded by women, and I wanted to support them." 


UC: What are you feelings about social media and the influence you have on there?

SM: "I know a lot of people lament the fact that everyone is always on their phones, but for me it has opened my world up. I have met amazing people, seen beautiful art, and watched my loved ones' lives from afar, and I think that's pretty amazing."


UC: How would you define your style?

SM: "I am a uniform dresser. I find a shirt that I love and I'll buy it in every color. I really don't like to spend a lot of time thinking about fashion because it takes away from my hustle and all the other fun stuff I want to do. Solid colors, high-waisted jeans, and driving mocs for days."


UC: What is your favorite thing about being an ambassador about The Ultimate Cuff?

SM: "I am excited to work with other women who get stuff done. I truly believe a rising tide floats all boats, and if I can help lift up women especially, I'm on board."


UC: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

SM: "My favorite thing about myself is that I laugh a lot every day. Even when things are upside down, if you can find the funny you'll be alright."


Susie! You are so cool and insightful. We appreciate you shareing your life with us!


Make sure you give her a shout when you see her on our feed and give her a follow on Instagram. (@susiemeister) What an amazing ambassador, don’t you think?

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