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At The Ultimate Cuff, we are so incredibly lucky to have brilliant, beautiful and influential Brand Ambassadors. They support us and have helped us grow into what we are today. We want you to get to know our #bossbabes like we know them. You’re gonna love them-- we promise!

Mel Rose (@melrose_media) is one of our top ambassadors and OMG we love everything about her. She has drive, ambition and style for days. She works so hard, is incredibly goal-oriented and is so genuinely supportive of our company and we fall in love with her more every day.

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Mel Rose about fashion, future goals, social media and so much more. Read below to learn more about our girl!

Ultimate Cuff:MelRose, tell us about yourself. Your upbringing, your career path, etc.:

I'm originally from Chambersburg, PA. Moved to the Chicagoland area when I was a kid and have been in and around that area since. I grew up with an extremely hard working single mother who was also my best friend. Since I can remember she worked 2 jobs to support my brother and I and there were quite a few times she worked 3. I always idolized her for being a "businesswoman". She had her own office at work and wore "business" clothing and I thought she was the most important person at the company. I knew that when I grew up I wanted to work hard and be a "businesswoman" just like her from a really young age.  The day I turned 16 I had 2 jobs. I waitressed at a Steak N' Shake, and then went next door and worked the register at a pizza place. I did this all while still participating in Student Council, Choir, Track, and the Dance team. I'm the type that the busier I am, the better I was. I've always loved working hard because I loved having my own money. It gave me a sense of pride and independence. However, the older I got, the more I realized she was an employee. When she got laid off, our entire worlds changed. I remembered nights where I would come downstairs to get a glass of water, and see my mom awake at 3am smoking on the couch. She told me she was watching the cars so that they wouldn't get repo'd.We lost our home that summer after my senior year of highschool, I had just turned 18 and I was the one who was served the foreclosure papers.  It was at this point I realized no matter how hard she worked, and how much she made, we still didn't have any sense of "security". It was at that point I knew that if I wanted to be a "businesswoman" I needed to work for myself.

After high school I went to collage for two years before my my financial aid was stopped. They claimed I no longer qualified so I decided to stop going. Maybe I was naive but I've always had a belief in myself over my belief in anything else, including the educational system. I knew I could be successful without a degree and that I didn't want to waste a ton of money in pursuit of one. I began modeling full time, answering every Craigslist ad, Facebook Group post, ANYTHING that had to do with modeling. At first things hardly paid or didn't pay at all. But after some time I made a humble living at it. After supporting myself like that for a few years I started a Marketing Company, "Market Method Media" as my fallback plan. I understand looks come with an expiration date, but it was more about me wanting to be heard for my voice rather then be stared at for my looks. The Marketing company then became something that really fulfilled me in a way modeling no longer did. After that company got slightly stable, I then pursued my Real Estate License. I am proud to say that I got licensed in 8 days as opposed to the year or so it takes most people. That whole extremely stressful, difficult experience proved to me that I still had it. I was still an intelligent capable woman, and that I could still achieve anything I set out to do. That realization came at a time of severe self doubt in my life. I was 25 now and getting by, but not how I'd wanted. It was by far the most challenging thing I've ever done but it was SO rewarding. And that's kind of where I am now, I'm still growing and learning, all of my businesses have their ups and downs, but I haven't been "employed" by anyone since I was 20 years old, and that is one of the things I am most proud of.

UC:What do you do for a living?

Mel Rose:Currently I model (on occasion), I own a Marketing Company, Market Method Media Corp. and I'm a Illinois Realtor.

UC:Professionally speaking, what are your goals?

Mel Rose:To build my personal brand on social media, grow my Marketing Company, and have 20 transactions a year as a Realtor. Currently I'm nowhere near where I want to be professionally and I find it REALLY challenging to juggle the 3 things I am doing. It seems like I focus on one business for a month and it starts to blossom, then my others flatline. That's something I really need to improve upon on a personal level.

UC:How do you plan on achieving all of these goals?

Mel Rose:I'm huge on goal setting, so I've literally reverse engineered all of these goals.  I start at how much I want to earn per year, per business, then break that number into Months/Weeks/Days, and then create a Daily plan to reach my daily goal. I know I accomplish goals best when I take them one day at a time.

Ultimate Cuff:Tell us about how you found The Ultimate Cuff:

Mel Rose: I found The Ultimate Cuff on Pinterest and fell in love. It was a photo of [your] Diana cuff. I was looking for brands to collaborate with already, and when I received my first cuff, and saw the quality and attention to detail, I knew it was a product I wanted to stand behind and promote.

UC:Tell us about your favorite thing about social media?:

Mel Rose:You can reach people on [the] other side of the planet, from an entirely different walk of life, and connect. In a world where everyone seems more divided than ever before, it's nice that we have a way to be connected. Using it effectively for that, of course, is up to us.

UC:Share with us some of your goals when creating your Instagram feed:

Mel Rose:To put out the best content I can, and inspire as many as I can. I want to become a successful female entrepreneur while inspiring other women to go after more in their own lives.   

UC:What drives your love of fashion?:

Mel Rose:My fashion is all about personal style. I don't look to trends or top bloggers for inspiration. I wear, and pair, accessories based off what strikes me aesthetically.

UC:Why you love being an Ambassador for The Ultimate Cuff? :

Mel Rose:I love being able to represent the best of products made by women, designed for women. As a female entrepreneur lifting other women up and celebrating them is important to me. Especially in the business realm. There is enough criticism out there for all of us. What we need to practice is love. Giving it, sharing it, and living within that space.

UC:Who is your idol in the fashion industry?:

Mel Rose: Blogger, Jani Deler. She, too, is all about personal style and not following trends, and I think that's why I like her. She also really pushes self confidence and healthy lifestyle which I too find extremely important.

UC:Favorite use of your apple watch?:

Mel Rose:Calls and messaging. It's great when I'm in business meetings and can't respond quickly from my phone. I'm always still "in the know" because I caught the text on my watch!

UC:Your favorite thing about yourself?:

Mel Rose:My favorite thing about myself... That's a tough one because I too, being human, tend to only focus on my own negatives and how to improve [on] them. But the thing I like most about myself is probably how organized and focused I am. I'm an organizational freak which saves me a LOT of time in my day to day. My focus is bar none. Once i'm involved in a project or working on something everything just fades to background noise. I'm single-handedly the most 'tunnel visioned' person I know.

UC:What is your advice to the other #girlbosses out there?

Mel Rose: Read "How to Make Friends and Influence People" By Dale Carnegie. I think the book has so much insight into how people think and work, and how to be successful in the business realm.

UC:Any final thoughts you would like to share with our readers?

Mel Rose: I'm a work in progress. I don't consider myself a wild success by any means. I have a LONG way to go. I hope in 10 years to be doing interviews like this to explain how I made my first million or how I was able to be so charitable at such a young age, but who knows if that's what the future holds for me. All I can "know" is what I have to do today to get to my 'daily goal'. And I really hope that those daily goals lead me to create the 'Big Picture' I envision for myself.

I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me about The Ultimate Cuff. It's a brand I can't speak more highly of. Anne and Tiffany are some of the kindest women I've had the pleasure of encountering. Ever since partnering with them, they have treated me more like a friend then a business associate. I wish every collaboration was this fruitful.

We really loved getting to know Mel Rose on a deeper level and we hope you did, as well. Make sure you give her a shout when you see her on our feed and give her a follow on Instagram. (@melrose_media) She will give you tons of tips on how to style your cuff and your wardrobe and empower you to reach your goals. What an amazing ambassador, don’t you think?

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